Client Tesimonials

Shivani is one of those rare international professionals who is dedicated, with a keen mind to listen well.  Her diverse cultural experience and expertise together with her breadth of knowledge in business and intercultural working are impressive.

 I could not have been more pleased with Shivani’s services and I look forward to working with her in the future.

Her top qualities are:  Great Results: Expert: High Integrity

- Barbara St.Claire-Ostwald
Director @ Culturenomics Consulting Limited 

Shivani offered insightful and meaningful coaching and developmental information, critical for establishing myself as a senior manager who can remain effective in a new location.

As a result, I feel confident in my ability to integrate into the new work culture bringing in my own style of management which has been shaped through Shivani’s guidance and her own personal and professional experience.

I would highly recommend Shivani’s services for those who are looking for a dedicated, thorough and tailored approach to their needs.

- Elaine Moore
EMEA Transitions Division Manager @ Northern Trust 

Very few coaches have the training quality Shivani has. I learned so much more from her one program, compared to any other training session I’d attended in the last 15 years of my professional life. What stood out were all the practical tips & tools we learned that can be implemented in the workplace instantly.
- Mr Prem Kishor
Head of Sales @ Software Associates

I will never forget the key learnings from Shivani’s workshop. The way Shivani has designed and executed the workshop was excellent. I have attended various workshops in the city previously but this is the best to date. The important thing which impressed me the most is the "Practicality" of concepts and suggestions shared by Shivani. Overall the workshop was refreshing and informative. Thanks Shivani for conducting such a beautiful workshop.

- Mr V Goel,
Consultant @ IMS Health

I met Shivani at a time when I felt like I was hitting a ceiling in my career and not moving at a pace fast enough. I was overworked and under-appreciated.

Shivani helped me evaluate my strengths and weaknesses as well as see corporate situations more objectively. The strategies and exercises gave me a lot of confidence, and helped me negotiate better during my annual evaluation which led to a salary hike!  Thanks Shivani!

- Miss M Bhalla,
Consumer Behaviour Expert

Earnestness, revealing and pleasantness. I am very impressed with the training and information Shivani shared with us. Whatever guidelines and tools I received for effective communications and presentation skills have been very useful for me and my business. Thanks Shivani.

- Neena Menon,
Yoga Teacher and Business owner

Prior to my first public speaking event, I approached Shivani for overall personal and marketing coaching. I followed her guidance to the letter and to my delight, nearly 100 people came, and paid, to hear my debut talk, leaving excellent, voluntary testimonials.

Shivani obtains the best results because of her uniquely speedy ability to spot strengths and weaknesses; she knows how to polish her clients to optimum shine, quickly and with optimum integrity.

Because she keeps abreast of market requirements, her advice is always first class, appropriate and up to date. She will prove herself your finest, most valuable asset.

- Mercedes Leal,
Coach & Business owner

I came to Shivani because I felt confused as to what direction I wanted to go in terms of my career. Her experience as a woman working in business, and her perspective in taking the right direction is was brought me to her. 

Shivani was incredibly helpful in helping me analyze the reasons why I had decided to work in the IT industry and in a different country to begin with. 

Shivani’s mentoring allowed me to really focus on what was important for me and my career. Her advice helped me get empowered to make decisions based on what I want to do and not what I think I needed which I believe is something many people struggle with. 

I would absolutely recommend Shivani's coaching services to any professional who needs help with their career.

- Maria Fernanda Morel Urrea,
Marketing Profesional, Cloud Solution Consultant