As an International Career Success & Leadership specialist, my sole mission is to help smart, committed professionals successfully advance or transition in their careers in less time.

By learning how to take charge of their careers confidently, they're able to increase their clarity, self worth and net worth allowing them to be more purposeful in their careers and lives.

At some point or other it's easy to fall victim to our circumstances, and whether it’s a career setback or being stuck in a career rut, it’s critical that that you don’t let circumstances dictate your reality. It's also important to stay one step ahead of the curve so that you're better equipped to respond to change rather than being caught on the back foot, limiting your own options.

Career success and happiness come from taking back your power, taking charge and course correcting when necessary.

It’s my job to help you steer your ship through rough or unchartered waters to safe sailing and beyond, by helping you understand the missing peices in your career and by helping you get the correct course of action in place so that you stop the struggle and start reaching your goals and potential a lot sooner.

If you believe there’s something more for you, something different or something better, I can tell you that your new reality is waiting to be realised, waiting for you to own it and step into it, and I’m here to help you make that happen. 

It can be overwhelming at times, for sure, but staying stuck and frustrated or wishing 'what if'​ is worse. I know, and I get it because I've been there. The journey doesn't have to be hard but it needs to start and I will help you compress your timeline.

If that sounds like something you need, let’s get the wheels in motion today.

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I’d love to get to know more about you, what you stand for, what you care for and most importantly what you dream for!

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About Shivani - Professional Bio

about shivani

Shivani Bhagi is a Certified Career Transitions & Leadership Coach from the UK. A graduate from City University, London, with a proven track record of corporate success. Her career spans over a decade as a Management Consultant where she worked on many prestigious international client accounts during her time with Capgemini, Accenture and CSC, in the UK.

Shivani made multiple career transitions of her own both within the IT & Management Consulting industries and out. She understands the pressures of corporate life and the internal challenges of finding true happiness and success with one's work.

She passionately and diligently carved her own path many times over and quickly understood that the key to personal success alignes closely to finding one's truth to then create and embrace the necessary changes required.

Her journey of transition, reinvention and transformation led to her true calling in 2010, where she started her own business doing work she truly loves as a Career Success Strategist & Corporate Trainer, helping other professionals confidently take charge of their careers.

In her field as a Corporate Trainer & Coach, Shivani has trained and mentored employees at well established global organisations from Mid Level Management to Leadership level.

Shivani also dedicates time as a guest lecturer, teaching Corporate Development Skills to MBA students at the International New Shores College.

She is available for interviews/webinars/teleseminars/workshop presentations and if you would like to book Shivani for your organisation, event or business, please get in touch with us here.


Professional Achievements:

  • BSc Honours in Business Computing Systems from City University, London
  • 15 Years of International Corporate Experience
  • Coach Training received at The International Coach Academy
  • Certified Career Transitions Coach with Coach Training Alliance
  • Guest Lecturer at New Shores International MBA College
  • Certified DiSC® Trainer - Everything DiSC®
  • Huffington Post Guest Contributor

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