Success As a Graceful Warrior

One of the key contributing factors to my success and happiness is my ability to be BOLD in life. I urge you to do the same and here’s why:

Research has shown that overall women need to feel '100%' ready whereas men will take a leap at just 60% other words they are prepared to wing it! BUT they display higher levels of confidence which makes others believe they're ready to step up.

Katty Kay co-author of 'The Confidence Code' says “Simply put, a woman's brain is not her friend when it comes to confidence. ... “If you choose not to act, you have little chance of success. ... because, in the pursuit of it, we put off difficult tasks waiting to be perfectly ready before we start."

Here are some facts about my own life and career:

1) I joined one of the world’s more recognised Management Consulting firms with no prior consulting experience. HOW? I was BOLD enough to ask for an interview (and then BOLD enough to show up for 4 rounds).

2) Within weeks of joining I was placed on a project and asked to run a Business Requirements workshop with 25 key Business stakeholders in the room. I’d never conducted one before but I was BOLD enough to give it a shot (I’d sat in workshops before so drew from my experience and adapted).

3) I opened and ran a successful restaurant & bar in Goa having never worked in the Food & Beverage industry before OR having ever lived in India. (I applied every single one of my transferable skills to the business and worked my butt off).

4) I switched careers again and bagged a training gig with one of India’s most prestigious hotel groups to train their Heads of Departments. I had no website, no brand at the time. (I had creativity, passion and a ton of relevant knowledge – and I was BOLD enough to ask for the business).

As you can see, you don’t need to have a ton of certificates or degrees. You don’t always need to have relevant industry experience.

You need PASSION, DRIVE and an ability to step up and be BOLD when it matters. You need to graciously accept when things don’t work out, learn from the experience, forgive yourself and move forth boldly.

I’m not special, or genius or different from anyone else. My ability to step up to the plate each and every time has led me to work as a Career Success Strategist and Leadership facilitator to Fortune 500 Companies since 2010.

In the last 12 months alone I have facilitated countless workshops and I absolutely LOVE the work I do and the difference I get to make. 

I feel truly blessed everyday. You may think that I’m lucky to have a bold personality! Well, I wasn’t born bold, and for the first 7 years of my career I wasn’t really bold at all and suffered miserably.

Being bold isn’t always easy – in fact it’s never easy but it gets easier over time.

I call it being a graceful warrior. It’s not about pushing and forcing things to happen. It’s about feeling the pull to do something greater, to step into something more desirable, feeling scared but being bold enough to not let the opportunity slip away. Being brave enough to give it a go without being attached to the outcome.

Be prepared to fail. Be prepared to succeed. Above all be prepared to try as there’s nothing worse that the feeling of ‘what if?’. 

Success and happiness are possible if you’re ready to be BOLD. Ready to own your worth and step into your truth and greatness.

My motto is: “Ready or not, here I come!” Make it your motto, if only for a day and see what happens.

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