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How I can Help You:

My world literally changed when I took charge of my career.

I was hard working and smart, yet I spent YEARS spinning my wheels with no real traction or impact. It wasn't until I decided to take charge, and understand my true talents and value proposition that things really started to take off for me in a big way.

Careers shouldn’t just ‘happen’ to us. We need to nurture, shape and direct them and we have more power than we think.
It’s not that we’re incapable; often we just don’t know how.

Through my love of teaching and coaching I help smart, committed professionals learn HOW to take charge of their careers and succeed in less time and with less effort, by better understanding who they are and what their unique value to the world is, for more recognition, rewards & happiness.

With 15 years of corporate experience and 5+ years as a Career Success Strategist, I've helped more than 1000 people just like you, and I'd love to help make your dreams a reality too!

Here's what I do best:

  • Help you find clarity with who you are and what your unique value is
  • Help you shape your personal brand for confidence & marketability
  • Teach you the insider secrets of corporate success to help you step up faster
  • Develop an unshakeable confidence and roadmap for your goals & dreams
  • Help you navigate the obstacles of corporate life skillfully whilst staying true to your unique path
  • Coach you to shine bright and regain your personal power & freedom

If you're unhappy with your career and looking for someone to help you get on track quickly, I'd love to work with you.

You can schedule your free consultation with me today.

I’d love to get to know more about you, what you stand for, what you care for and most importantly what you dream for.

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  • The Career Acceleration Formula
  • Bullet Proofing For Your Next Promotion
  • Rock-Star Personal Branding For Career Success
  • Your Career Transition Yellow Brick Road-Map
  • Interview Techniques For Nailing Your Next Job
  • Strengths Finding For A Cool & Happy Career
  • Workshop Creation and Facilitation

Client testimonials

Earnestness, revealing and pleasantness. I am very impressed with the training and information Shivani shared with us. Whatever guidelines and tools I received for effective communications and presentation skills have been very useful for me and my business. Thanks Shivani.

- Neena Menon,
Yoga Teacher and Business owner.

I will never forget the key learnings from Shivani’s workshop. The way Shivani has designed and executed the workshop was excellent. I have attended various workshops in the city previously but this is the best to date.

- Mr V Goel,
Consultant @ IMS Health.

Very few coaches have the training quality Shivani has. I learned so much more from her one program, compared to any other training session I’d attended in the last 15 years of my professional life.

- Mr P K
Head of Sales @ Software Associates.

Prior to my first public speaking event, I approached Shivani for overall personal and marketing coaching. I followed her guidance to the letter and to my delight, nearly 100 people came, and paid, to hear my debut talk, leaving excellent, voluntary testimonials.

- Mercedes Leal,
Coach & Business owner.

I met Shivani at a time when I felt like I was hitting a ceiling in my career and not moving at a pace fast enough. I was overworked and under-appreciated.

- Miss M Bhalla,
Consumer Behaviour Expert.

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